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How to order

You can search through our website to find plenty of choices to design your vehicle. For better view and to safe your time we created few categories to help you find the best design. As you browse you may add to the cart whatever you like and you can find it straight away on the right hand site of our website. When you feel like reviewing your card to proceed your order or to make some changes simply click on the cart to do so.

Checkout and Payment

Next step is Checkout where you can check your basket, eventually do some additional changes. You need to complete a billing address possibly delivery address if is different. After that you need to confirm your details and just simply make your payment using your credit card, debit card or Pay Pal account.

We wish to make your shopping as much comfortable as we can. For your comfort you can choose from various types of payments. Shopping with us is safe and securely protected.

Shipping and returns

Motor Show Graphics provide shipping both within the UK and internationally. From the time we receive your payment, we send most of our orders out within 24 hours. Any order after 4pm will be classed as before 4pm the following day. Weekend orders are classed as before 4pm Monday. We generally start work on your order as soon as we receive it and as such orders placed via the website cannot be cancelled. Most orders are generally received within 48hrs, but please allow up to five working days for delivery. If you place an especially high-value order we reserve the right to contact you for further confirmation of your delivery details, prior to authorization.

If you don't receive your order in a reasonable amount of time then please contact us. We have to allow 15 working days to elapse before Royal Mail considers an item lost, after that time we can claim against Royal Mail and issue you a new set of plates. Royal Mail allows 15 working days to allow enough time for the plates to be returned to us in the event of delivery problems.

We reserve the right to charge a £5 admin fee if you cancel your order before it is made and dispatched. This is to cover the costs we have already incurred taking your order - for example credit card processing costs. Orders that have already been made cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.

Customer Errors

Motor Show Planet makes vehicle graphic orders / plates with information you enter when you place your order. We cannot be held responsible for any errors made by the customer. The packing note shows the order as entered by the customer. We are not obligated to give refunds for personalized items if the mistake is yours.


Motor Show Planet values our customer’s satisfaction very highly. If you have any complaints regarding your Web Order please e-mail:

Personal data keeps detailed records of all new number plates that are made and the details of the person who has bought them to assist the efforts of the DVLA and Police in reducing car crime. If we are requested by the Police to give details of who we supplied plate/plates to then we must do this. If like 99% of customers you are not a criminal, then you have absolutely no worries. Apart from the authorities on request, your personal details will never be shared with anybody else!


The 'Company' manufactures both UK road legal and 'show' registration plates. Show registration plates are manufactured and supplied for 'off road' use only, rally days, car shows, exhibitions and use on private land where the law does not apply. Due to stringent restrictions of trade placed upon the 'Company' by the DVLA, all registration plates, legal or otherwise will be sold to the 'Purchaser' on the basis of being for show use only and the 'Purchaser' may risk prosecution if the registration plates are used on the UK highway. Registration numbers must be displayed correctly. To mis-space or mis-represent your letters and numbers in a way is an offence under the Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 1971.

Returns Policy

Motor Show Graphics will be happy to give a prompt replacement if is the return result either from an error made by us or from a damaged or defective item. However, you must notify and return the damaged or defective product and this must be received by us within 14 days of delivery to you. You will not be charged any additional postage or handling fees for replacement. To make a return, please give the reason for the return and wrap the package securely.

Important! Please do not send us the goods back before you contact us via email detailing your complaint. To make a complaint via e-mail please provide us with your full name, invoice number and the nature of your query. In case you are right and we are wrong we will replace your order immediately.

Return your order to our address below: LTD
57 Fyfield road
RM13 7TX

Copyright issues

The Purchaser agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the Company for any liability incurred as a result of the Purchaser's unauthorized use of any material contained on our website, including but not limited to use of logos in violation of any right of the copyright or trademark holder of said logos. Contact us immediately and we will remove your logo from this site if you do not want your logo displayed.

How to fit our vehicle graphics?

After purchasing a vehicle graphics from us you will receive a package (cardboard envelope or tube depending on the type of the product). Our clients experience that the graphics are really easy to fit and they are very satisfied with the look. However not every sticker is easy to mount. You should concerned about your proficiency in fitting the graphics.

Thank you for shopping with Motor Show Planet.